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Unveiling Abundance: A Transformational Journey Through Art and Insight

It turned out to be a very transformational painting for me.

While I was creating it, I worked through so many limiting beliefs that when I finished it, I found myself having achieved a huge goal, which I determined 5 years ago was absolutely necessary for further pursuit of my dream.

There is a lot that can be said about this picture. It is all imbued with the theme of abundance.

I wrote down my main insights, of which there were 6. Here's one of them:

"Abundance manifests itself in how fully I am present in the present moment, launching energy in all possible for me directions.
I can be abundant every second. As well as, on the contrary, squeezing my abundance with my mind using limiting beliefs.
The ego, striving for pleasure and running away from pain, manipulates memory, distorting reality, leading further and further from the moment “here and now.”
But the moment itself is manifested as abundance.
Main advice: Return attention to yourself in the present moment as much as possible."

The picture is painted on a wooden panel. Different layers show up in different lighting. No reproduction is capable of conveying these special effects under different lighting conditions; this can only be seen in the original painting. This treasure has found its new home just a week after I finished the painting.

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