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My art is my vision, my lifestyle, my passion, my healer

Istoshina Yana, was born in St. Petersburg (Russia). She studied visual arts at the university for 6 years, graduated in 2010 with a degree in graphic design.

The early creative years were devoted to the art of digital photography, photo manipulation, digital collages. In 2012, Yana first got acquainted with the visionary art, which impressed her with its visual language, the depth of encrypted meanings and creation techniques.

«This was the beginning of my journey of researching internal processes and expressing this experience in a visible image.»

In 2014 Yana founded the visionary art gallery Artformind. Yana wanted to share this art with people, to immerse them in deep states with the help of paintings. She gave preference to artists whose paintings did not contain disturbing images in order to have a positive impact on the viewer.

Artformind gallery was gaining popularity at an incredible rate.

We became participants in the largest psychedelic festivals in Russia, and then moved on to get to know the European audience.

Yana was also interested in working with space, because this enhances the effect of the impact on the human condition. So Yana began to create decorations for the music stages, and also she created a special shape and decor for the gallery, so that from the outside, the gallery looks like a masterpiece art, a fantastic art object.

For me my art is the way of communicating with people, thanks to which I can share the knowledge and experience I have gained with others. I am happy to know that ideas, vision and the way they are expressed through visual art that heal me also heal other people.”

I create my paintings so that they later decorate your interiors, bring to your space vibrations in the rhythm of the universe, free flowing energy, pure intentions, as a token of gratitude to the world, love, relaxation.
Travel in my paintings while listening to beautiful music. Enjoy.

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