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What is healing art?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Visual information has a tremendous impact on us. We are exposed to this influence every day, grabbing with our attention from the entire chaos of visual information that which is valuable for us at a particular moment in time.

Landscapes, architecture, advertising, clothing - everything has color and shape. One environment can tire us, another fill with energy, the third relax, the fourth motivate us to action.

A professional artist knows the laws of visual perception, knows how to convey a mood using color or composition, knows how to focus a person's attention on the desired object, knows how to turn an idea into visible matter.

If an artist puts a certain energy-informational message into his paintings, then the viewer, for whom this message is important and useful, will necessarily consider it and thereby receive the state he needs. The viewer is always attracted by what is reflected in himself.

Through contemplation of the art, the observer can enhance his positive state, as well as work through negative states, examining his reactions to what he is observing.

Healing visual art is an art that, through the skill of the artist, touches the deepest psychological aspects of a person. Such art is the key to the observer’s unconscious.

Art: Higher self. 2021

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