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Fluorescent neon psychedelic tapestry with man and woman, mother-Earth and God's light, festival glow backdrop "Sacred Unity"


Highly detailed UV reactive spiritual blacklight trippy backdrop. This visionary art illustrates unity at all levels of being. Starting from matter - the Earth, passing through man and all living beings, rushing towards the divine / cosmic light.


Perfect decoration for festivals and parties, your home space, cafe, etc.


• Fluorescent pattern, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
• Bright saturated colors even in daylight;
• Semi-gloss synthetic fabric can be washed and ironed.
• 4 eyelets in the corners


60"x75" (150x190 cm)
40"x49.2" (100x125 cm)
31.4"x40" (80x100 cm)

Visionary art UV reactive tapestry"Sacred Union"

PriceFrom 99,00€
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