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The idea that I put into this work is a state of gratitude to my ancestors😌🙏
You can use it as an affirmation to connect with this state.

“I am grateful to my family for the opportunity to truly express myself here and now, accepting not only their love, but also pain, fear, negative attitudes, destructive programs, turning all this into my foundation, support, even protection, if necessary. Thanks to them, I live in a place and at a time where and when I can do whatever I really want, I can, without fear, allow the most subtle and elusive within me to manifest.

Perfect decoration for festivals and parties, your home space, yoga studio, coffee shop, etc.

• Fluorescent pattern, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
• Bright saturated colors even in daylight;
• Semi-gloss synthetic fabric can be washed and ironed.
• 4 eyelets in the corners


19"x19"/50x50 cm
39"x39"/100x100 cm
59" x 59" / 150cm x 150cm

UV Psychedelic Visionary Art tapestry "Lineage"

PriceFrom 59,00€
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