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"Third Eye" by Yana Istoshina

Original acrylic painting on the canvas 23.6x35.4 inches (60x90cm) created using UV (fluorescent) details. So it look different in daylight and UV light. I also made the relief details and used gold paint to decorate some elements. So this painting is full of special magical effects.


About this painting: 

This Eye looks and sees light and darkness at the same time. Its perception is not distorted and unconditioned. This Eye sees and does not give estimates, does not compare, does not draw conclusions. It simply perceives the present moment. There is a perceiver, an object of perception and the process of perception itself.

Third Eye

2 000,00€Price
    • Height: 23.6 inches

    • Width: 35.4 inches

    • Depth: 1 inches

    • Materials: Acrylic, UV paint

    • Surface: Stretched canvas

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