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Fluorescent neon psychedelic tapestry with geometry space, festival glow backdrop "Mind Labyrinth"

Highly detailed UV reactive blacklight trippy backdrop with labyrinths of mind. Our mind can be our assistant, or vice versa, it can interfere with us, leading us further into illusion. Whether it is our helper or our enemy depends on our ability to control our attention. If we hear our inner voice well, then our mind paves the shortest path through the endless labyrinths.
I really like to create not just beautiful art, but with a deep meaning, which can serve as a guide for us in meditation.

Perfect decoration for festivals and parties, your home space, yoga studio, coffee shop, etc.

• Fluorescent pattern, glows in ultraviolet, neon and LED;
• Bright saturated colors even in daylight;
• Semi-gloss synthetic fabric can be washed and ironed.
• 4 eyelets in the corners


86,5"x60" (220x150cm)
60"x40" (150x100cm
40"x27,5" (100x70cm) 
19,6"x27,5" (50x70cm)

Psychedelic Visionary art "Labyrinth"

PriceFrom 59,00€
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