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Giclee print on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
Canvas Prints are museum grade archival and made with high quality canvas and inks. They come stretched on a wooden frames and are ready to hang and enjoy on your wall. 


About the painting

Genetic information flows through our physical body from our roots / ancestors to our descendants. Our body is a consequence of the past and at the same time a cause for the future.



This painting is about our connection with the earth, our connection with what feeds us. Our material body belongs to the earth. It’s about our ancestors, our roots and the energy that flows through our bloodline. Our body is only a vehicle for the further development of material information. Through our body, the energy of our family is passed on to the next generations, taking a new material form.

For a harmonious state, it is necessary to pay attention to your connection with the earth, to maintain the feeling of the energy of the clan, to feel your connection with nature.



PRINT on the CANVAS "Roots"

PriceFrom 120,00€
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