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Giclee print on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
Canvas Prints are museum grade archival and made with high quality canvas and inks. They come stretched on a wooden frames and are ready to hang and enjoy on your wall. 


About the painting

I observed again and again the beauty of the dark aspects, the power that they contain, the incredible harmony of the endless dance of two polarities, between which all life takes place. The dark and light aspects each perform their own tasks. But it happens that our mental attitudes distort the perception of these aspects, trying to suppress the dark and strengthen the light. Then the tasks of the dark side are artificially shifted to the light side, devaluing the dark side. But it is impossible to breathe out by inhaling, to realize night tasks during the daytime, heat will not do what cold does. This is obvious in such examples, and not at all obvious in the framework of human psychology.


Do an experiment, look at your personality, the personalities of other people, the processes around, highlight with your attention what you think is negative, unacceptable, scary, and try to find beauty, strengths, balance in this. All of this is there. What attitudes prevent you from seeing and realizing it?If you go beyond the personality, these processes are absolutely neutral. Two opposites are sides of one whole. This "whole" exists because of its two polarities and everything that happens between them.

PRINT on the CANVAS "Hagalaz"

PriceFrom 120,00€
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