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Giclee print on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
Canvas Prints are museum grade archival and made with high quality canvas and inks. They come stretched on a wooden frames and are ready to hang and enjoy on your wall. 



About the painting

Inside, we know everything about our higher purpose, our happiness is always with us. But our mind is often carried away by the great variety of manifestations of the material world. And we begin to wander in search of "ours". Everything is simple, when we experience joy, love, relaxation - this is “ours”.

So stop for a moment and feel:
✳️are you good or not?
✳️what is "good" for you?
✳️how and what to do to make it good?
✳️what are you doing right now to achieve your dreams?
✳️why is it important to you.

This is how the road to your dream is built, and all the way to it is lived in happiness, love and joy.

PRINT on the CANVAS "Free Path"

PriceFrom 120,00€
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