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I am glad to offer you my skills and experience in creating digital art in psychedelic and visionary styles. You can share with me your ideas, sensations, feelings or insights that you would like to capture in a visible form. Then I will apply my experience to design your personal image. Together with you, I will immerse myself in your images in order to feel them as my own.

Then I will develop a sketch and tell you about my vision of the future painting. You will be able to adjust my sketch so that the image matches your request as much as possible. Or you can completely let go of all expectations and trust my creative flow, allowing the image to appear as I feel it for your request.

The final picture can be used by you for personal purposes. You can print it on canvas or paper to decorate your interior. I will help you choose the format and material if needed.

IMPORTANT!! Commercial use, reproduction, resale, modification, distribution without my consent is strictly prohibited. The digital painting is an object of intellectual property, the rights belong to me as an artist. You can show the picture on the Internet, exhibit at events, indicating my name as the author.

Estimated creation time 2-4 weeks

For me, creating art is a sacred process. And creating to order is also a big responsibility, because I immerse myself in your inner world in order to then manifest it with the help of my inner world. This is a deep process that requires a lot of effort. Therefore, I take only 2 paintings to order per year.

Please be responsible when purchasing this product.
If you have any questions feel free to contact.

Custom psychedelic visionary digital art with your idea and my style

2 000,00€Price
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